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Wednesday, 19th July, 2017
Spirella Ballroom, Icknield Way, Letchworth Garden City
Ian Gourlay
(01462) 474403
Councillor Alan Millard(Chairman), Councillor John Bishop(Vice-Chairman), Councillor Ian Albert, Councillor D.J. Barnard, Councillor Judi Billing, Councillor John Booth, Councillor Paul Clark, Councillor Julian Cunningham, Councillor Bill Davidson, Councillor Steve Deakin - Davies, Councillor Elizabeth Dennis, Councillor Sarah Dingley, Councillor Faye S Frost, Councillor Jane Gray, Councillor Jean Green, Councillor Gary Grindal, Councillor Nicola Harris, Councillor Simon Harwood, Councillor Steve Hemingway, Councillor Cathryn Henry, Councillor Fiona Hill, Councillor T.W. Hone, Councillor Tony Hunter, Councillor S.K. Jarvis, Councillor Lorna Kercher, Councillor David Levett, Councillor Ben Lewis, Councillor Bernard Lovewell, Councillor Sandra Lunn, Councillor Ian Mantle, Councillor Paul Marment, Councillor Jim McNally, Councillor Gerald Morris, Councillor M.R.M. Muir, Councillor Mrs L.A. Needham, Councillor Janine Paterson, Councillor Frank Radcliffe, Councillor Mike Rice, Councillor Deepak Sangha, Councillor Ray Shakespeare - Smith, Councillor Valentine Shanley, Councillor Adrian Smith, Councillor Harry Spencer - Smith, Councillor Martin Stears - Handscomb, Councillor Mrs C.P.A. Strong, Councillor R.A.C. Thake, Councillor Terry Tyler, Councillor M.E. Weeks

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The following future meetings of Council have been arranged:

  • Tuesday, 10th April 2018